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New Weapons in the King’s Indian
New Weapons in the King’s Indian
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Fritz Powerbook 2018
Fritz Powerbook 2018
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Chessbase Magazine 134 (+DVD)

Prijs:  EUR19.95 

Publisher: Chessbase, 2010, DVD

ChessBase Magazine starts into 2010 with three very different tournament highlights. The FIDE World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk was once more carried out as a massive KO tournament with 128 participants and saw in Boris Gelfand a victor who threw into the scales against his rivals, who were almost all younger, his experience and strong nerves. The London Chess Classic consisted of an all-play-all with the 3-point rule and saw a neck to neck race between Magnus Carlsen and Vladimir Kramnik. The world's new number one managed to decide the tournament in his favour. And in Bursa in Turkey, Russia managed, despite an early slip-up, to defend its title as World Team Champions ahead of the USA which had been leading in the meantime.

To set the tone for this edition, GM Karsten Müller, in his introductory video casts an eye over an important victory each by tournament winners Boris Gelfand (Khanty Mansiysk) and Magnus Carlsen (London). Of the total of 12 openings articles on the DVD, the grandmaster from Hamburg presents three: including   an idea for Black in the Ruy Lopez which can be traced to Aronian and Rogozenco’s repertoire suggestion of 5.Nbd2 against Albin’s Countergambit.

In two video surveys, GM Dorian Rogozenco introduces the top tournaments of the last two months and takes a look at some selected key games. The Romanian grandmaster first presents two impressive wins by 16 year old GM Wesley So from the FIDE World Cup in Khanty Mansyisk; he did after all put the likes of Ivanchuk and Kamsky out of the race. Rogozenco specifically honours the performance of the tournament victor Boris Gelfand in this first video and offers as an example of his ultra-solid style one of the rapid chess games from the final against Ponomariov.

In his second video Rogozenco takes a look back at the London Chess Classic, the Russian Superfinal and the World TCh in Bursa in Turkey. From the London tournament he analyses one win each by the tournament victor Magnus Carlsen and the runner-up, Vladimir Kramnik. From Bursa we have a strong innovation by the Greek GM Hristos Banikas in the Queen’s Indian and a grandiose attacking victory by Hikaru Nakamura over World Cup winner Gelfand.


-    FIDE World Cup in Khanty Mansiysk
-    London Chess Classic
-    World Team Championship in Bursa

From the opening trap to the endgame study

Opening Survey
-    Marin: Alekhine Defence B04
-    Schandorff: Caro-Kann B12Grivas: Sicilian B33
-    Kritz: French Defence C10
-    Marin: Bishop's Opening C24Stohl: 2 Knights Game C58
-    Kuzmin: Ruy Lopez C60Postny: Ruy Lopez C65
-    Langrock: Ruy Lopez C69
-    Rogozenco: Albin's Countergambit D08
-    Karolyi: Queen's Gambit Accepted D20
-    Krasenkow: King's Indian Defence E90

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Chessbase Magazine 135 (+DVD)
Chessbase Magazine 135 (+DVD)

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