Publisher: Chessbase, CD

The Fritz Endgame Trainer shows the fascination of pawn endings in a practical way, making fit for your own games. In more than 100 training positions, you can try to won or draw endgames against Fritz’ well-known endgame strength. To make you up for this difficult task, the experienced author and chess trainer Martin Weteschnik has systematically split up the training positions into 6 chapters with extensive explanations and so called workshops, i.e. commented videos explaining the proceedings on the screen. The range of tasks is immense, reaching from elementary endgames to examples from the practice to the world champions. If you have solved even the most sophisticated tasks, you can choose from the 50 studies from a second database and play them against Fritz. The Fritz Endgame Trainer is suitable for Fritz friends who want to learn the basics of pawn endings by playing, but also for strong club players who want to check their technical skills against Fritz and broaden their horizon.
Fritz Endgame Trainer: Pawn Endings