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The Chess Attacker's Handbook
The Chess Attacker's Handbook
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The Fighting Dragon
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The Hedgehog
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Candidate Moves: Find and Choose the Best!

Prijs:  EUR30.95 

Publisher: Thinkers Publishing, 2018, Pages: 430, Paperback

French Grandmaster Christian Bauer is one of the leading strong players of his country. He is a former national champion and represented France in numerous international team events. He has written many articles and books for several publishing houses: ‘Play 1…b6’, the ‘Philidor Files‘ and ‘Play the Scandinavian’. Many of his books have been translated in other languages. This is his fourth book and his first for Thinkers Publishing.

Christian tackles one of the most important issues in chess: how to select candidate moves. He illustrates and discusses many different themes such as entering relatively uncharted territory, relying on your acquired knowledge, using intuition or simply play prophylactically. He uses examples from his own games, the result is a uniquely useful book that will help you to raise the level of your general play.

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