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The Chess Attacker's Handbook
The Chess Attacker's Handbook
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Foxy Openings, #184, Dynamic Lines For Black against the London, Trompowsky & Torre
Foxy Openings, #184, Dynamic Lines For Black against the London, Trompowsky & Torre
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Test Your Chess
Test Your Chess
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Applying Logic in Chess

Prijs:  EUR28.95 

Publisher: Gambit, 2018, Pages: 320, Paperback

Is chess a logical game? What constitutes an advantage in chess? How can we set problems and create psychologically difficult situations for the opponent? These are big questions, and Erik Kislik tackles them and others head-on in this thought-provoking, thoroughly modern, and original work.

He answers the first of those questions with a resounding ‘yes!’. His assessments focus on concrete points: pawn-structure, material imbalance and compensation. Even though the analytical proofs may be complex, he repeatedly shows that these elements are the keys to evaluating positions and forming plans.

As the trainer of players ranging from high-level grandmasters to average club-players, Kislik is very strong on providing practical guidance on topics such as how best to use chess software, choosing hardware, getting psychologically ready for a game and preparing for specific opponents. He is always willing to boldly state his views, even when they run contrary to conventional chess wisdom.

“I was excited by this book because of the way all of the ideas are intertwined and you get very concrete advice ... Everything is applicable and it is easy to see how it applies to the real world.” – from the Foreword by GM Hjörvar Steinn Gretarsson.

Erik Kislik is an International Master originally from California who lives in Budapest. He is an expert in computer chess and one of the most in-demand chess trainers on ICC. He has coached many grandmasters and assisted a number of elite players with their opening preparation.

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Dit artikel zal op vrijdag, 25 mei 2018 op voorraad zijn.

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