Publisher: New in Chess, 2017, Pages: 880, Hardcover

Gyula Breyer (1893-1921) promoted the idea of dynamic chess and formulated many of the Hypermodern concepts, long before others started their investigations. He was the first one ever to recommend fianchettoing bishops in the first few moves of the opening. And he was constantly looking for new ideas and surprising moves: "Beauty in chess is the unusual", he said. Yet, after his death, he was omitted from most of the chess history books and today he is only known for the Breyer Variation in the Ruy Lopez.

Gyula Breyer is the fascinating story of a legendary player. Jimmy Adams, who has published books about Mikhail Chigorin and Johannes Zukertort, has now unlocked Breyer's legacy from the archives. This monumental 880-page book presents 240 of Breyer's games, annotated by himself and many others. It also features a large number of articles, columns and fragments of newspapers, magazines and books, sparkling with chess and literary wit. The majority appear in English for the first time - and indeed in any language other than Hungarian.

Gyula Breyer: The Chess Revolutionary