Publisher: Chess Evolution, 2012, Pages: 190, Paperback

"From practical games of 2012, Part I"

The book consists of 365 practical puzzles from the first part of the Year 2012 selected into 3 different groups: "easy", "medium" and "hard". At the end of the book, You can check Your tactical abilities in a "test" format.

Great combinations by Carlsen, Aronian, Ivanchuk and many more Top players.

Csaba Balogh was born on 19th of March 1987. His current rating is 2672 Grandmaster since 2004. European individual U-16 Champion in 2003, Budva. Member of the Hungarian national team since 2005. best Tournement result: Winner of the Fischer memorial Supertournament in 2008, Héviz.

Peter Leko:
"In our modern computer era, it is always a delight to see a book which aims to stimulate our brains. Solving tactical positions is a good way of combining training with a lot of fun. The concept of this book, bringing only the latest examples, is very practical. We might get an idea how we can trick our opponents nowadays!".

Greatest 365 Puzzles