Publisher: Loogicus, 2014, Game

"English version"

In Chess – More Than A Game, 2-8 players go on a trip through Europe, visiting 32 places that are historically significant to the game of chess. Throughout their journey, players will answer questions posed by famous chess players about one of the oldest games in the world. This game will help players find out that there is more to chess than meets the eye!

After its introduction at the "Spielwarenmesse" in Nuremberg in February, Chess – More Than a Game, is now available for purchase. As the first knowledge game in the series, both chess enthusiasts and chess novices will enjoy the opportunity to test their knowledge and learn a variety of facts about the game of kings.

 30-45 min
 2-8 players
 8+ years


The game board shows a map of Europe with 32 places that are significant to the history of chess. Each place is displayed with a playing field containing one of eight category symbols. The starting point is Madrid, the location of the first European chess tournament in 1575. The goal is to get to Tromsö, the venue of the 2014 Chess Olympiade.

The cards are divided into eight categories: Peculiarities – Openings – Mate in 1 – Rules – Game Board & Figures – Chess Lexicon – Timeless Beauty – Quiz. Every category is positioned on the board game with its own symbol and colour. On each question card, you will find questions for four different difficulty levels: Pawn –> Knight –> Rook –> Queen
The questions are ordered from easiest to most difficult, so there is an opportunity for everyone to be involved. 
On the right are examples of the front and back of a card for the "Timeless Beauty" category. The difficulty levels are clearly displayed, and the answers can be found upside down on the other side of the card. If you move your cursor onto the picture it will enlarge to show you the card in more detail. On the left you can see the game board and figures. Questions in this category can be read as follows: Pawn: What is the King called in English? Knight: How many squares of a game board can a King reach when he stands on e5? Rook: What is the pawn called in Russian? Queen: The rook was attacked on a1. Is white allowed to castle?

Chess - More Than A Game