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The Chess Attacker's Handbook
The Chess Attacker's Handbook
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Let me ask You, Do you Know...?
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Anti-Sicilians: Move by Move
Anti-Sicilians: Move by Move
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Leningrad Dutch

Prijs:  EUR29.90 

Publisher: Chessbase, 2013, DVD

Strategically risky or rather promissing? Slightly dubious or, on the contrary, entirely sound? A weapon for the champions or just a kids toy? These are some of the main  lines along which the usual controversy about the Leningrad Dutch takes place. The Leningrad system may a bit of everything above. On some occasions it would yield you a perfect win, on others it could cause you “shameful” defeats. This DVD is intended in the first line to offer strategical guidance for Black, based on the examination of the most typical structures. For objectivity’s sake I have examined both sides of the medal, putting the main strategic dangers aside with the typical plans. I have included all my earlier database articles published in Chessbase Magazine, a database with all the games to which I have referred in the videos as well as a small database with essential games that one should know.

• Video running time: 5 hours 16 min. (English)

• With interactive training including video feedback

• Exclusive database with 72 essential games

• Mihail Marin’s „Leningrad“ articles published in ChessBase Magazine

• Including CB 12 Reader

Mihail Marin, born in 1965, has several times been Romanian champion and first made the leap over the Elo barrier of 2600 in 2001. Marin possesses a rare gift for a grandmaster - he is able to explain in readily comprehensible terms the ideas behind moves, variations and positions. This ability is there for all to admire in his contributions to ChessBase Magazine. Marin has written some books which have earned the highest of praise, among which are “Secrets of Chess Defence” and “Learn from the legends”.

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