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The Chess Attacker's Handbook
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Let me ask You, Do you Know...?
Let me ask You, Do you Know...?
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Dangerous Weapons: the Sicilian
Dangerous Weapons: the Sicilian
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New in Chess Magazine 2011/2

Prijs:  EUR9.75 
Publisher: New in Chess, 2011, Pages: 108, Magazine

NIC’s Café

Your Move

Class of 2011
Continuing his steady rise to the top Hikaru Nakamura saw a long-­cherished dream come true as he won the Tata Steel tournament with inspired and mature chess. The 73rd edition of the Wijk aan Zee festival will also be remembered for the stunning debut of Anish Giri. Showing no fear or nerves, the 16-year-old Dutch hope defeated Carlsen and got World Champion Anand on the ropes.

A Splendid Side-Show
After a gripping race Luke McShane and David Navara finished shared first in the Tata Steel B-Group, an almost humoristic name for a category-17 top tournament that boasted four 2700+ GMs.
The Englishman was declared the winner and shares his impressions.

And to Cap It All...
This year’s Wijk aan Zee C-Group saw a wild race between Daniele Vocaturo and the world’s youngest GM Illya Nyzhnyk that ended in the Italian’s biggest success to date.

Through the Luking Glass
Luke McShane is our new book reviewer! In his first column the English grandmaster sings the praises of Mihail Marin’s triptych on the English Opening.

Ivanchuk Unstoppable in Gibraltar
At the Tradewise Chess Festival ­Vasily Ivanchuk scored a stunning 9 out of 10, with a performance of 2968.

Charles Hertan’s Forcing Moves

French Fraud
‘Let me say that any organisation that takes stern measures to root out ­corruption deserves plaudits’, writes Nigel Short in his column.
The reference is to the French Chess Federation and not to FIDE.

Aeroflot Open
For the first time in the ten-year ­history of Russia’s biggest Open, a previous winner repeated his feat. For the second time Le Quang Liem won a ticket to Dortmund.

Hans Ree read Frank Brady’s new Bobby Fischer biography.

‘This Little Thing with Me and Spassky’
Jimmy Adams saved a remarkable BBC interview from oblivion.

Knight Sacrifices
Timman investigates the knight sacrifice that Vishy Anand employed to beat Wang Hao in Wijk aan Zee.

Just Checking
What is it that Maxime Vachier-­Lagrave would love to learn?

Did they play your opening?

McShane-So, by McShane
Nepomniachtchi-Nakamura, by Nakamura
Gopal-Short, by Short

Shirov-Kramnik, by Kramnik

King's Pawn
Vocaturo-Kazhgaleev, by Vocaturo

Le Quang Liem-Kamsky, by Le Quang Liem
Anand-Giri, by Giri
Nakamura-Smeets, by Nakamura

Anand-Wang Hao, by Anand
Cmilyte-Georgiev, by Cmilyte

Queen's Indian
Ivanchuk-Short, by Ivanchuk

Grünfeld Indian
Carlsen-Giri, by Giri
Nakamura-Vachier-Lagrave, by Timman
Shirov-Vachier-Lagrave, by Timman
Sakaev-Belov, by Timman
Vachier-Lagrave-Nepomniachtchi, by Vachier-Lagrave
Nyzhnyk-Kazhgaleev, by Nyzhnyk
Dzagnidze-Vallejo, by Dzagnidze
Navara-McShane, by Navara

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