Publisher: Quality Chess, 2011, Pages: 360, Paperback

The Alterman Gambit Guide: Black Gambits 1 is an instructional manual for improving chess players. Sharpen your tactics and learn to play dynamic attacking chess while studying the most entertaining gambits. Lines covered include: Benko Gambit, Blumenfeld Gambit, Vaganian Gambit and more. The second and concluding volume, covering 1.e4 e5, should be out early in 2012.
GM Boris Alterman founded the Shevah-Mofet Chess Academy in Israel. Alterman is a product of the Botvinnik-Kasparov chess school and he also helped to develop the Deep Junior program which famously drew a match with Kasparov and defeated both Radjabov and Deep Fritz.


Acknowledgments, Bibliography & Key to symbols used 4
Foreword by the Author 5
1 The Benko Gambit 7
2 The Blumenfeld Gambit 141
3 The Vaganian Gambit 197
4 1.d4 ¤f6 – Sidelines 277
5 The English Defense Gambit 311
Game Index 355
Variation Index 357


The Alterman Gambit Guide - Black Gambits 1