Publisher: New in Chess, 2009, Pages: 288, Paperback

"The ideas & plans behind ALL chess openings!"

Volume 2 of an accessible primer and reference book about chess openings.

Provides a solid foundation to build your opening repertoire on. Explains what you should be trying to achieve, with clear indications for further study.

Beginning and improving players should get a copy of this book before they buy ANY other chess opening book!* Comprehensive: covers all main variations likely to arise Easy-to-use: important moves and key positions are highlighted in colour
* Long-lasting: it doesn’t outdate because it is about basics – not the latest fashions
* Complete: explains the plans and counterplans for both Black and White
* Down-to-earth: simple, verbal introductions (not a database dump full of dead trees)
* Convenient: every opening is illustrated with a number of instructive games
* Prize-winning: received the Golden Award of the Italian Chess Federation

This book helps beginners to develop a solid understanding of fundamental opening play, gives casual players the ability to choose the opening that suits their style and taste, and is a tool for club players to test and review their opening repertoire.

Chess Opening Essentials, Volume 2: 1.d4 d5/1. d4 various/Queen\'s Gambit