Publisher: Chess Stars, 2010, Pages: 224, Paperback

This book consists of seven chapters, devoted to different move-orders. Each chapter comprises of a “Quick Repertoire”, thoroughly analyzed theoretical lines in the part “Step by Step” and “Complete Games”. At the beginning, it would be sufficient for you to have a look at the surveys and to see the games and that would not take too much of your time. After that you can test bravely the new opening in short games at your club, or on the Internet. After you have played about 10-15 games in the Philidor Defence, have a look at the part “Step by Step” and compare your play with the recommendations of the author. It may be possible that you would like to introduce corrections in a part of your actions.
Some masters and grandmasters have embraced the Philidor Defence as their basic opening weapon against 1.е4 and you may decide to do the same. White players, as a rule, leave the studying of this opening aside, because they have too many urgent problems to solve in the other open and semi-open theoretical lines. Meanwhile, the Modern Philidor Defence is a serious opening with numerous concrete lines and if White plays only according to “common sense” his chances of obtaining an advantage are closer to nil. In case White players overlook the critical moments and go too far in their ambition to obtain an advantage, they may face difficulties rather quickly.

The Modern Philidor Defence