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New Weapons in the King’s Indian
New Weapons in the King’s Indian
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The Thinkers (Hardcover)
The Thinkers (Hardcover)
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The Mating Game
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Attacking Chess for Club Players

Prijs:  EUR27.95 

Publisher: New in Chess, 2016, Pages: 432, Paperback

"Improve Your Skills to Overpower Your Opponents"

"Aanbieding met 10% korting Attacking Chess + Chess Strategy"

Every chess player loves to attack the enemy King. Your goal is clear, your thinking is concrete, your creativity is flowing and direct victory is just around the corner. Few things in life are better than successfully conducting a blistering attack on your opponent’s King!

But how good are you actually at attacking? Have you ever analysed your efforts? Looked at calculation errors, missed opportunities and derailed efforts?

After the immense success of his award-winning classic Chess Strategy for Club Players, Herman Grooten has now written an equally accessible follow-up primer on attacking chess. He teaches you how to spot opportunities, exploit weaknesses, bringing your forces to the frontline and striking at the right moment.

Grooten concentrates on training the most valuable skills for this process: visualizing, structuring, anticipating, calculating, memorizing and other mental aspects.

This is not just another collection of useful thematic moves and motifs but a complete and highly structured course of attacking techniques. And with fantastic new examples, clear explanations and many instructive exercises.

International Master Herman Grooten is a chess trainer with over 30 years of experience. Several of his pupils have gone on to become grandmasters. His prizewinning Chess Strategy for Club Players was a worldwide bestseller.

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