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Najdorf x Najdorf
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Tactics, Tactics, Tactics! Volume 3
Tactics, Tactics, Tactics! Volume 3
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Pearls of Azerbaijan

Prijs:  EUR19.95  EUR9.97 

Publisher: Chess Evolution, 2016, Pages: 240, Paperback

"Pearls of Azerbaijan contains the 557 nicest puzzles"

The idea of creating this book came to me 4 years ago, following my analysis of Azerbaijani chess players
 games. I discovered a huge amount of combinational motifs which they created during their play. Why not combine the most interesting combinations of our current generation with those of our past masters into one volume, I thought to myself? And so I began a collection of the most beautiful Azerbaijani combinational masterpieces.

Acknowledging the fact that in 2016 our country will host the 42nd World Chess Olympiad, a decision was taken to fi nalise and produce the current book with the help of World Chess Olympiad Operating Committee. In this volume you will fi nd the brightest and most sparkling selection of tactical masterpieces from our Azerbaijani chess players, which have been carefully selected and designated into 3 categories: easy, medium and diffi cult, in order to attract not only the professional player but also to share the joy with all chess lovers.

I am absolutely sure that the current collection of chess masterpieces which we have titled „The Pearls of Azerbaijan” will inspire our current chess players to produce even more combinational beauties - and of course it will be a good handbook for our trainers and chess players across the country.

Djakhangir Agaragimov,
Baku 28.06.2016


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