Publisher: Chess Evolution, 2017, Pages: 280, Paperback

There is a blank spot in the huge world of chess literature: systematically presented middle- game. Therefore authors, both long-term chess trainers, decided to fill this vacuum. With a series of books about the middle-game, we would like to present different topics of chess tactics and strategy in a slightly different way. Books, which will be published in the coming years as part of the series, are planned to cover all frequently discussed themes, as well as many others topics — those about which chess players and also trainers usually do
not think as deeply as they should in order to achieve better results.

We are starting our series with a book about the centre. We will take two different approaches to this topic: the classical one, which will help us to discover all fundamental knowledge about the centre. Th is study is crucial for good understanding of chess. Th e second approach is more modern: we will think about the centre more dynamically, through the eyes of a grandmaster, a practical chess player. We will try to copy this two-part structure in the future books, in which planning, analysing, move decisions, pawn structures and various other topics will be discussed.

The authors are not imagining that our book will cover every aspect of presented topic. Knowledge about the centre is so important and wide chapter that it is virtually impossible to explain every detail in a single book. Moreover, there are countless of different perspectives on particular problems or procedures in the centre and we could not take into the account every one of them. However, we have wished to write a book, which would offer us 360o view of the centre, enable an individual study to any aspiring student and help trainer in their
work. Advices of the experienced coaches (we have boldly put ourselves into this category) are always welcomed for successful chess training. To fulfil our objectives, we will publish an additional workbook accompanying each book. It will contain many exercises, puzzles and practical questions, which will further your understanding of the presented topic.

Adrian Mikhalchishin and Georg Mohr

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The Center - A modern strategy guide