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Master Class Vol. 05: Emanuel Lasker
Master Class Vol. 05: Emanuel Lasker
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365 Chess Master Lessons
365 Chess Master Lessons
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Steinitz: Move by Move
Steinitz: Move by Move
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New in Chess Magazine 2018/2

Prijs:  EUR11.99 

Publisher: New in Chess, 2018, Pages: 106, Magazine

Carlsen sets record with 6th win
The 80th Tata Steel Chess ­Tournament in Wijk aan Zee ended with a blitz playoff between Magnus Carlsen and Anish Giri. The World Champion tends to win playoffs. Always. And this one was no exception.

Levon Aronian wins Gibraltar
In his first appearance in an Open in more than a decade, Levon Aronian won the play-offs of the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess. The traditionally generous prize for the best female player, £ 15,000, was pocketed by Pia Cramling.

Kasparov's musical favourites
Garry Kasparov chose his musical favourites - from Mozart to Lloyd Webber - for a BBC radio program


How fair was the AlphaZero-Stockfish match?

Fischer Facts
Ten years after his death the 11th World Champion continues to fascinate.

Fair & Square
What did John Maynard Keynes see as one of the benefits of chess?

Nigel Short's column
‘If ever an activity should long ago have expired and been buried with dignity, it is surely correspondence chess’, Nigel Short suggests.

Interview: Vidit Gujrathi
He may well be India’s brightest hope for the coming years.

Veni, Vidit, Vici
In a personal account, the winner of the Tata Steel Challengers reveals how he transformed into a Master.

Judit Polgar
It’s not easy to play after a loss, Judit Polgar argues. Or a win!

Maximize Your Tactics
Find the right moves.

Fischer Random anyone?
Maxim Dlugy followed the Carlsen-Nakamura match and looks at the merits of Fischer Random.

Secrets of Opening Surprises
An aggressive weapon against the English Opening on move 2!

NIC’s Café

An Armenian banknote honouring Tigran Petrosian and a Russian plane named after Mikhail Botvinnik.

Chess Pattern Recognition
Impossible break moves that are a feast to the eye.

Sadler on Books
Matthew Sadler gets into raptures about a superb account of the match in New York with fascinating insights by former champ Vladimir Kramnik.

Living in bad times
Hans Ree read the biography of Paul Felix Schmidt (1916-1984), a prominent player in his time, but now almost forgotten.

Jan Timman shows how top-level games often inspire chess study composers. And the other way around!

Just Checking: What is Pia Cramling’s all-time favourite movie?

Celeb64: Hugh Laurie

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