In this book International Master Raja Panjwani presents the Hyper Accelerated Dragon. He demonstrates from the second move on a dynamic way to fight 1. e4. He covers all of White's main variations and sidelines and even the most critical 'Maroczy bind' gets a new treatment. Raja's book is recommended for all players that are eager to enter the critical lines in this exiting Sicilian.

This book presents a repertoire for Black after 1.e4 c5 2. Pf3 g6 — the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon. I am relativelylax about distinguishing between ‘Accelerated Dragon’ (1.e4 c5 2.Pf3 Pc6 3.d4 cxd4 4. Pxd4 g6) and ‘Hyper- Accelerated Dragon’, and I use the two interchangeably unless to emphasize move order nuances, for example, “the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon avoids the Rossolimo”. However, this is not merely ‘a’ Hyper-Accelerated Dragon repertoire, it is my repertoire, and I present the material as such, from a first person perspective, making brazen
use of my own games and offering personal anecdotes and opinions. This stylistic choice risks my coming across as presumptuous and at times even boastful, but my hope is rather that the conversational mode of presentation makes readers feel as though I am their tour guide through what might otherwise feel like an insurmountable labyrinth of variations. Further on the point of stylistic choices, I am regrettably not suffi ciently skilled in writing without gender-specifi c pronouns, so please regard all generic references to ‘he’ as ‘s/he’ (or alternative) and so on.

I provide as much information as I think is necessary for readers to play this opening with Black; however, this is absolutely not meant to be an anthology on the opening. I make no claim to cover every conceivable variation White can play. Any attempt at such, couched under the heading of a ‘complete repertoire’ would not only be misleading, but in this day and age obsolete. This is not to say that opening books are altogether obsolete; on the contrary, as inundated with information as we all are nowadays, it can be enormously helpful to have an author divulge opening secrets from their years of experience which would not easily be gathered from a database search. 

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The Hyper Accelerated Dragon, 2nd extended Edition

Auteur: Raja Panjwani
Pagina's: 248
Uitgever: Thinkers Publishing
Jaar: 2018
Type: Paperback