When one answers 1.d4 with 1...f5, you usually face a choice between meeting one of the main lines or a sideline. I have divided the book into two parts: In the first, all the lines in which White doesn’t play g3 and develop the bishop to g2.

White has quite a few aggressive attempts, but my impression of these lines in general is that, although they can temporarily cause problems, Black players after a while find a way to neutralise them. The fi rst volume will be useful for players who want to play the Stonewall, the Ilyin-Zhenevsky or the Hort systems without allowing the French or the Pirc defences. As you will see, I do not always recommend developing the bishop to g7.

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Play the Dutch! Part 1

Auteur: Tibor Karoly
Pagina's: 256
Uitgever: Chess Evolution
Jaar: 2018
Type: Paperback