This book is a collection of games played by the best players in the world in which either White or Black wins in 15 moves or less either a result of brilliant chess tactics, an accumulation of mistakes or blunders.
Through the study of the games in this volume, you will improve your:

  • Opening play
  • Opening repertoire
  • Tactical vision
  • Tactical ability.

The chess opening variations in this volume are all the variations of the Indian Defenses such as:

1) The King's Indian Defense
2) The Grünfeld Indian Defense
3) The Queen's Indian Defense
4) The Nimzo-Indian Defense
5) The Catalan Opening
6) The Blumenfeld Gambit
7) The Bogo-Indian Defense

Catastrophes & Tactics in the Chess Opening - Volume 1: Indian Defenses

Auteur / Author: Carsten Hansen
Pagina's / Pages: 178
Uitgever / Publisher: CarstenChess
Jaar / Year: 2017
Type: Paperback