Perfect for garden & balcony, camping und all places with no power point available.

The useful accumulator-pack is suitable for Millennium chess computer and accessories with 9 V power supply:

M820: ChessGenius Exclusive

M822: Chess Link

M823: The King Element

M830: The King Performance


ChessVolt is charged simply with the chess computer’s mains adaptor.

With ChessVolt many hours of play independent from the grid are guaranteed. Just connect your chess computer with the provided cable.

4 LEDs inform on the charge state.


Functions, technical characteristics, references

  • 3,7 V 12.000 mAH, Output: 9 V 0,6 A
  • This article is an accessory and may only be operated with the chess computer-models M820, M822, M823, M824, M826 und M830.
  • Don‘t open, don’t modify, don’t cover. Don’t expose the device to wetness, humidity, heat (i.e. direct sunlight, radiators).
Millennium ChessVolt

Fabrikant / Manufacturer: Millennium
Type: Schaakcomputer