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A Repertoire against the Italian Game

The repertoire against the Giuoco Pianissimo examined on this video course, provides Black with methods of evading this slightly one-sided pattern, yielding sound play in double-edged positions. The main motif is …g5, but if White makes commitments to prepare against it, Black can switch to comfortable versions of the positional struggle. The second group of systems examined, is characterised by White’s opening of the centre at an early stage with d4.

Tactic Toolbox Italian Game

This video course is intended as a tactical guide for Black, featuring themes such as the tactical abilities of the c5-bishop and the relatively restricted c6-knight, the kingside attack and the fight for the centre. Since the structure is almost symmetrical, the author hasalso examined a few examples with mirrored ideas, such as the tactical abilities of White‘s light-squared bishop. In doing so, his aim is to widen the viewers‘ understanding of certain ideas, but also to warn them about the potential tactical dangers.

A Repertoire against the Italian Game & Tactic Toolbox Italian Game

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Presentator / Presenter: Mihail Marin
Uitgever / Publisher: Chessbase
Jaar / Year: 2022
Type: DVD / USB / Download