Publisher: ChessonDVD, 2012, DVDVideo

Are you tired of toiling to get the advantage with White? Would you like to steer the game into a path of your choosing right out of the opening? Then please consider the insidious  queen pawn  Systems that Andrew Martin recommends on the all-new Foxy Openings DVD.

Systems examined include the Stonewall, the Colle -Zukertort transpositions that become possible and the Kovacevic system against King's Indian and Grunfeld set-ups. It is very unlikely that the opponent, at club level, will have done any work on these systems at all.

The main idea at the heart of these systems is that they are easy to understand and play. They are labor-saving devices which will help you to win more games.

Foxy Openings, #135, Queen Pawn Openings: Stonewall

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