Publisher: ACM, 2017, Pages: 152, Magazine

Just imagine that the two newly crowned US champions are by your side, explaining their most crucial games, move by move... Well, this is precisely what the third number of the American Chess Magazine brings you, exclusively, thanks to the contributions of Wesley So and Sabina Foisor.


Wesley on us championship win
GM Wesley So

Top three us championship games 
Gm Ivan Sokolov

How to upstage the big guys 
GM Varuzhan Akobian

Opening report on the us championship 
GM Jaan Ehlvest

A cinderella story 
FM Alisa Melekhina

Sabina on us women’s championship win
GM Sabina Foisor

B2 or not b2 - that is the question!
GM Vassily Ivanchuk

The new art of positional play: the benoni knight 
GM John Fedorowicz

Legendary Dvoretsky
GM Karsten Mueller

Mind tricks in the endgame
GM Alex Fishbein

The great American Chess Magazine war 
John s. Hilbert

Best games from New York: Carlsen - Karjakin - part two
GM Ernesto Inarkiev

Fresh leaves from the bookshelf 3 
FM Carsten Hansen

A tour of chess24
Jon Edwards

Internet is made for chess! 
IM Danny Rensch

Things i like, and things i don’t like 
GM Joel Benjamin

"Partie” in the USA
GM Michael Rohde

Carolina in my mind - report from Charlotte
GM Alex Fishbein

Chess across America 
GM Mackenzie Molner

Chicago! my kind of tourney... 
Daniel Parmet with GM Akshat Chandra,
GM Dmitry Gurevich & FM Joshua Collas

Inspired to win
GM Ilya Smirin

Woodstock of chess
Pete Tamburro

The winning coach’s inside scoop 
GM Gennady Sagalchik

Interview: 25 questions for Steve Doyle
Pete Tamburro

Fabulous finishes in american chess

Tournament review Usa & abroad

Where grandmasters advise young players 
GM Adrian Mikhalchishin

American Chess Magazine Issue 3

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