Publisher: ACM, 2017, Pages: 152, Magazine

The King Among Mere Mortals - Carlsen’s triumph at the IOM Masters

Mackenzie Molner’s highlights of Showdown in St. Louis

Ivan Sokolov: Do Chess Columnists Play Chess?

Aagard’s All-Round Training

‘How Levon Aronian Was First Across The Line’ and other World Cup stories by David Smerdon, Samuel Sevian, Vassily Ivanchuk and Alex Ipatov

Exclusive Interview With Lev Alburt, US Chess Legend

Michael Adams and Baskaran Adhiban on the notorious ‘Grandmaster Draw’

The London System – analyses and recommendations by Dennis Monokroussos

Chess Parent’s Survival Guide

State & Local Chess: Minnesota – The Rising North Star in Chess

Carlsen’s long-time coach and second Peter Heine-Nielsen offers his advice to young players

Also our regular columns, tournament reviews from US and abroad, and plenty more instructive and educational materials packed in 152 pages all about American Chess!

American Chess Magazine Issue 5