Publisher: Thinker's Press, 2007, Pages: 168, Paperback

The Game Of Chess Is No Laugh­ing Matter... Except in this book!

It doesn't matter if it was the 19th century or the present one, chess players are not always serious. In fact, some­times things just get weird.

  • From the loud-mouthed kibitzer to the guy with sticky stuff on his chess pieces, the personality types that dot the chess scene form the unusual side of chess.
  • Former world champion Boris Spassky believes that Viktor Korchnoi has every necessary quality to become the chess champion of the world except one thing...
  • World correspondence champion Cecil Purdy was really a high-caliber chess humorist in disguise.
  • Mikhail Tal, another world champion, gave the funniest impromptu interviews.
  • Master Brian Wall claims he has found the ultimate winning chess opening - Fischer could have been beaten...
  • The late Ukrainian/American grandmaster Eduard Gufeld collaborated by offering several dozen spicy bits of chess humor from his giant collection.
  • Author Ralph Tykodi added his own touch with six stories of his own on one of the world's favorite pastimes, the Royal Game of Chess.
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