Publisher: Everyman Chess, 2011, Pages: 304, Paperback

"Enhance your chess strategy and psychology with Boris Gulko"

Imagine you are a club player who has been given the opportunity to talk at length with a famous grandmaster. How would you make the most of this opportunity?

Club players are unaware of the subtleties in Grandmaster chess. Great players can analyze chess at a depth that is unfathomable to amateurs. However, having reached such a high level can make it difficult to understand what is lacking in the mind of the amateur.

Lessons with a Grandmaster bridges this gap between grandmaster and amateur through a series of conversations between teacher, the renowned Grandmaster Boris Gulko, and student Dr. Joel R. Sneed, a professor of psychology and amateur chess player. The lessons are based on Gulko's own battles against fellow grandmasters, and there is particular focus on strategy, tactics and the role of psychology in chess competition.

  • Learn from the chess games of Boris Gulko
  • Typical questions you would ask a Grandmaster - answered!
  • Improve your understanding of chess strategy and psychology.

UPDATE: Since working on this book Joel Sneed has gained almost 200 rating points. He has just tied for 1st place in the Marshall Chess club Under 2000 tournament with 4 out of 5. Before the book he was ranked at 1613 and now is in the high 1700s

Lessons with a Grandmaster