Publisher: New in Chess, 4 Yearbooks, 1 Year Subscription, Paperback

  • 4 issues a year
  • more than 1,000 pages brimming with new opening ideas
  • 30-35 surveys per issue
  • fashionable lines, wild gambits and forgotten variations
  • worldwide opening discussions
  • Sosonko’s view on the opening
  • honest book reviews by Flear
  • beautiful lay-out
  • attractive subscription prices

    Stay ahead of your opponents with the Yearbook. Since 1984 hundreds of masters, grandmasters and amateurs have helped us to produce more than 70 Yearbooks. We continue to think about and improve the Yearbook with every issue. For you!


New in Chess Yearbook (4x Year, Paperback)

Uitgever / Publisher: New in Chess
Type: Abonnement