Publisher: New in Chess, 2012, Pages: 240, Paperback, herdruk 2018

"Sense and Nonsense in Improving Your Chess"

'Willy Hendriks heeft met zijn pas verschenen boek Move First Think Later the 2012 Book of the Year Award van de Engelse schaakbond (ECF) gewonnen.' 

Willy Hendriks has a site dedicated to this book:

The chess playing mind does not work like a machine and selecting a move is not the logical outcome of applying a rational method.

The only problem with that, says International Master Willy Hendriks, is that most books and courses on improving at chess claim exactly the opposite.

The dogma of the chess instruction establishment is that if you only take a good look at certain ‘characteristics’ of a position, then good moves will follow more or less automatically.

Move First, Think Later shows a healthy distrust of accepted methods to get better at chess. It teaches that winning games does not depend on ticking off a to-do list when looking at a position on the board. It presents club and internet chess players with loads of much-needed no-nonsense training material.

Move First Think Later