Publisher: New in Chess, 2012, Pages: 106, Magazine


Top players annotate their games
Exclusive comments by Nakamura, Caruana, Leko, Wang Hao, Giri, Hou Yifan

NIC’s Café

Your Move

Wang Hao’s sixpack
A wealth of fighting chess in the 45th Biel Chess Festival. Wang Hao’s six wins (three points per win), one draw and three losses (two against Carlsen!) resulted in one of the finest tournament victories in his career.

Interview: Wang Hao
An unusual talent who has rediscovered his pleasure in the game and is happily facing the opportunities an unknown future has on offer.

Dortmund King Caruana
Fabiano Caruana, currently the world’s most active elite grandmaster, scored his first super tournament victory, just in time for his twentieth birthday.

‘Get ready, ‘cause here I come’
Lubos Kavalek was in Reykjavik for the 'Match of the Century', both as a journalist and, in the second half, as Bobby Fischer’s second. Forty years on, he relives a most memorable chess experience.

Hertan’s Forcing Moves

Hou Yifan wins FIDE Grand Prix
With a clear first place in the Jermuk GP, the Women’s World Champion secured overall victory in the 2011-12 FIDE Grand Prix, confirming her status in today’s women’s chess.

Nigel Short looks at various tiebreakers and wonders if it makes sense to change the rules of the game.

Be prepared!
In his new ground-breaking book Vladimir Tukmakov shows how you should prepare for your opponent in the Information Age.

Through the Luking Glass
Luke McShane has been reading books you may want to read too!

Dancing dervish
Hans Ree on Walter Browne’s autobiographical games collection The Stress of Chess.

A fine tradition
Jan Timman thoroughly enjoyed the 34th Politiken Cup in Helsingor, Danmark.

Just Checking
Does Sam Shankland have any ­superstitions concerning chess?

Did they play your opening?

In this issue games with the following openings were annotated by world class players:

Wang Hao-Nakamura, by Nakamura
Rasmussen-Timman, by Timman

Leko-Caruana, by Leko

Ruy Lopez
Caruana-Kramnik, by Caruana
Hou Yifan-Ruan Lufei, by Hou Yifan

Carlsen-Wang Hao, by Timman

King's Indian
Giri-Bacrot, by Giri
Giri-Wang Hao, by Wang Hao
Colpe-Romanov, by Timman
Bulski-Cheparinov, by Timman

Burmakin-Svane, by Timman

New In Chess Magazine 2012/6