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Your Move

Carlsen Is Caissa’s Darling
The London Candidates’ will be remembered as one of the truly great chess tournaments in history. In a surreal finish Magnus Carlsen edged out Vladimir Kramnik to earn the right to challenge World Champion Vishy Anand.

Interview: Garry Kasparov
The 13th World Champion shares his thoughts on Carlsen’s miraculous escape to the World Championship match, Kramnik’s ‘best tournament of his life’ and, of course, Ivanchuk.

The Beautiful Game
Jimmy Adams tells the story of the beauty prize at the 1967 Monte Carlo Chess Festival.

The Next Step
Pavel Eljanov presents his view on the 3-move draw he made to win the Reykjavik Open.

Terror Tourism
This time his travels took our globetrotting columnist Nigel Short to Northern Ireland and Iran.

Ukraine Takes Gold
At the Women’s World Team Championship in Astana rating favourites Ukraine lived up to expectations.

Beware: Brilliancy!
Yochanan Afek retains a keen eye for baffling moves.

Move or Method
Willy Hendriks’ debut Move First, Think Later caused quite a stir. The author answers his critics.

History Repeating
Find out if you’d like to read the books Luke McShane has been reading.

Dark Times
Hans Ree reread Tartakower’s newspaper articles on AVRO 1938, possibly the ‘most elite tournament’ of all time.

Svidler’s Repertoire
Jan Timman takes a closer look at the openings Peter Svidler played in London.

Just Checking
Who would Anastasia Karlovich like to invite to dinner?

Did they play your opening?In this issue games with the following openings were annotated by world class players:

Carlsen-Gelfand, by Nielsen
Carlsen-Ivanchuk, by Giri

Svidler-Ivanchuk, by Timman

Ruy Lopez
Carlsen-Svidler, by Svidler
Svidler-Carlsen, by Giri

Queen's Gambit Declined
Gelfand-Aronian, by Giri

Cheparinov-Eljanov, by Eljanov

Grünfeld Indian
Kramnik-Svidler, by Timman
Khurtsidze-Muzychuk, by M.Muzychuk

King's Indian
Aronian-Radjabov, by Giri
Svidler-Grischuk, by Timman
Svidler-Radjabov, by Timman

Ni-Zhukova, by Zhukova


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