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Publisher: New in Chess, 2013, Pages: 240, Paperback

"An Uncompromising Repertoire for Black"

The Najdorf Variation of the Sicilian Defense continues to be extremely popular. For very good reasons: it is a flexible, ambitious, wonderfully rich and diverse system, that offers one of the best ways for Black to play for a win.

Both Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov achieved spectacular successes with their beloved Najdorf. In this book, Grandmaster Zaven Andriasyan presents a groundbreaking attacking repertoire for Black.

Revisiting all major Najdorf battlegrounds Andriasyan radically overturns the opening theory of the past decades. In his search for new ways he found an astonishing number of improvements: all in all he presents more than two hundred novelties!

With a foreword by Levon Aronian.

Zaven Andriasyan (1989) was both European under-18 and World under-20 champion in 2006. He is currently one of the strongest grandmasters in Armenia. Zaven Andriasyan regularly writes for the New In Chess Yearbooks.


Winning with the Najdorf Sicilian