Publisher: Friedrich Chlubna, 1996, Pages: 158, Paperback

This book is a new edition of "Skakistikes Syntheseis" published in Greek in 1990. The new edition includes some changes, together with recent compositions by the author in almost all the problem sections. The selected problems cover half a century of chess compositional activity (1947 - 1997), within which a variety of ideas and themes has been developed.
After a brief introduction to the rules, types and basic terms of chess composition, the selected problems follow in chronological order of publication and in groups according to their genres. Every composition appears with its solution analyzed and idea or theme interpreted. In order to display a greater variety of ideas and themes, the author has selected not only his best compositions, but also a small number of other problems. The notation used is that found in the FIDE Albums.
The reader does not need to have special knowledge about chess composition to understand and enjoy the problems of this selection, provided he is familiar with the moves of the pieces and the rules of the game of chess. However, if this is the full extent of his knowledge, he is advised to study and analyze the compositions in order. For an easy reference to the terminology used, there is an index of terms and themes at the end of the book.
The aim of this edition is not merely to demonstrate a selection of the author's problems, but also to help all those interested to understand and appreciate the beauty and the artistic content of chess compositions.
The intention is also to develop the creative fantasy of both young people and adults and to induce them to find interest in chess composition, which will offer them the satisfaction of creation. With the ideas and themes in this book anyone interested may produce his own works using his fantasy, creativity and, later on, his experience.
Athens, October 1996


Chess Compositions