Publisher: van Wijgerden, Pages: 56, Paperback, English

In the extra workbook there are 54 pages with exercises, which means as many as 54x12=648-31 (drawings) = 617 positions.
There is also a reminder with hints how to proceed with the mixed tests.

At the beginning come the exercises with the familiar items from Step 2 and some from the first step on a higher level:

  • Getting out of check
  • Mate in one
  • Double attack: queen
  • The pin
  • Eliminating of the defence: chasing away + material
  • Eliminating of the defence: luring away + material
  • Eliminating of the defence: capturing + material
  • Mate in two: different mating patterns
  • Double attack: knight
  • Double attack: rook, bishop or pawn
  • Double attack: cooperation of two pieces
  • Discovered attack
  • Defending against mate

The last 26 pages contain tests.

Workbook Step 2 extra