Publisher: Apple-Press, Pages: 224, 2015, Hardcover

The History of Chess in 50 Moves tells the 1,500-year story of chess in fifty selections. The fifty people, places, or things all make fascinating stand-alone stories that can be read individually, but taken together they give the reader a sense of how chess has changed, adapted, and thrived down through the centuries.

The story begins in the East and follows the movement of chess along the silk trade routes as comes to the West via Persia. From there it spreads to Africa, Russia, and Europe, where it takes the form that is familiar to us today. The greatest players, matches and tournaments of all time get their moments in the sun, but equally important are the bigger trends and patterns, from the evolution of different playing styles to the emergence of computer technology.

The Author:

Bill Price is a writer and seasoned traveller currently working and living in North London. For fifteen years he worked in various areas of the book trade, but more recently he has built a reputation as a specialist in history and travel writing, and has become a regular contributor to a large number of international publications as well as popular reference books. His published works include Charles Darwin: Origins and Arguments, Winston Churchill: War Leader, Landmarks of the World, Great Modern Buildings, History’s Greatest Decisions, and Fifty Foods that Changed the Course of History.

The History of Chess in Fifty Moves