Publisher: New in Chess, 2006, Pages: 235, Paperback

The modern style of attacking chess explained to amateur chess players by a world famous grandmaster. 

This book explains how to build up an advantage in the game and how to convert that advantage into an aggressive strategy and into great attacking moves. It teaches the best way to exploit weaknesses in the opponent’s position. 

Timman has selected the most instructive attacking games of great players like Kasparov, Topalov, Karpov, Shirov, and Judit Polgar in order to explain to amateur chess players the basic ideas of modern attacks and their successful execution.

On the Attack will increase your imagination and your confidence, and will lead to more wins be cause you know when, where and how to attack in chess.

Jan Timman has for twenty years been one of the top players of the world. He contested many Candidates Matches for the world title. He wrote several highly acclaimed books, among which Chess the Adventurous Way, Power Play with Pieces, and Curaçao 1962. Jan Timman is editor-in-chief of New In Chess, the world’s premier chess magazine.

On the Attack