Publisher: Conrad Press, 2016, Pages: 387,Paperback, Engels

Meet Ivana  (‘call me Vanny’) Jones, a sexy, beautiful, warm-hearted professional chess-player. She has a problem: she’s only attracted to guys who can beat her… so what’s she to do when a chess amateur, the Russian billionaire Boris Bogolyubov, proposes marriage?

Not only that, but as Vanny tries to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a chess grandmaster, she develops a crush on Norwegian sex-god Sven while also falling for a stunning and adoring Frenchwoman. Meanwhile, Vanny’s hoping a revolutionary new drug treatment will save her best friend Charlotte’s life.

Set in London, Monaco, Budapest, Helsinki, Odessa, New York… and Leicester, this sparkily written, passionate, emotional and entertaining novel will rock your boat… even if you’ve never shouted ‘Checkmate!’

About Jovanka Houska
Jovanka Houska is the current British Women’s Chess Champion, an international chess master and one of the world’s leading women chess-players. She has won many international tournaments and is a prolific author of books about chess. She also loves travelling to remote islands, yoga and gardening.

About James Essinger
James Essinger is a prolific writer of fiction and non-fiction. He is the also the principal and founder of The Conrad Press and of Canterbury Literary Agency.  James’s biography of Ada Lovelace, Ada’s Algorithm, has been published in the UK and the US and in a Spanish edition. A Finnish-language edition is pending, and the book is to be filmed. His biography of Charles Babbage, Machines of the Mind, is to be published in the UK and the US in 2017.


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