Publisher: ChessonDVD, 2017, DVDVideo

The chess world today is flooded with databases, computer analysis, and GM-level chess engines. So is there room for an old-fashioned chess opening like the Colle System? On this fascinating 2 DVD series, IM and FIDE Senior Trainer Andrew Martin answers with a resounding "Yes!"

Using mostly modern games, with a few classics thrown in, Martin demonstrates that even very strong players underestimate the Colle, do not study the subtleties of the opening, and can end up losing horribly. This opening is flexible and easy to learn - after 1.d4 White erects a powerful yet safe pawn triangle in the center, then develops his pieces quickly and comfortably. White often gets a superior version of the Stonewall formation, or he engineers the e3-e4 pawn break. Once mastered, this opening can reliably achieve great positions and even quick wins.

Learn the Colle System, cut you study time in half - gain a winning tournament weapon for life!

Here Andrew Martin covers common main lines using 17 highly instructional games. This foundation will give you an excellent grasp of how to play and win with the Colle System.

Run-time: 2h 30m

Foxy Openings, #170, The Colle Chess Opening for Tournament Players, Vol. 1