Publisher: Chess Evolution, 2018, Pages: 232, Paperback

In the first book on the Semi-Tarrasch we looked in great detail at the variations in which White sometimes occupies the centre by pushing the e-pawn two squares. Many of these lines were testing for Black, but in my opinion the lines in general were nice for Black. In this second book we will look at all the other variations White can try. These lines do not go aft er Black at once, but this in no way means that Black can do whatever he or she wants. On the other hand, one can learn a lot from variations with isolated pawns, and investigation of such positions can raise one’s chess-understanding tremendously.

When I asked Zoltan Ribli to say a few words on his Candidates match opponent, Torre, among other things he mentioned that Eugenio played a game that left a very strong impression on him. I would like to show this particular game. Th e game is by no means as fl ashy as Pinter’s marvellous win over Portisch, but it still has a special beauty. I will borrow from my own analysis in my book on Torre, published by Chess Evolution.

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Play the Semi-Tarrasch! - Part 2