The editor’s top ten:
1. Nimble knights against mighty bishops: Ian Nepomniachtchi reveals to you the subtleties of his win against Kramnik.
2. Pseudo-fortress cracked open! Let Peter Heine Nielsen show you how at the very last minute Carlsen drew level with Caruana and Aronian in Saint Louis.
3. Masterpiece with rook sacrifice: Enjoy Daniel King’s video analysis of Aronian-Grischuk from the Sinquefield Cup.
4. “Attack! Attack! Attack!” Together with GM Simon Williams carry out a deadly attack, studded with numerous sacrifices.
5. Ten moves to your goal: Accompany Oliver Reeh "Step by step to checkmate". (Video)
6. You think you have seen it all? Then take a look at "Nakamuras incredible win of a pawn".
7. A dangerous and fun way to play”: Let Simon Williams make you an enthusiast of the Sicilian Wing Gambit! (Video)
8. "Mutual Isolanis": Strategy expert Mihail Marin explains the subtleties of the piece play with isolated d-pawns.
9. Active on move three: Our new author Robert Hungaski shows how to accelerate matters with Black in the Queen's Gambit Accepted.
10. A zugzwang to imitate: Let endgame expert Karsten Müller demonstrate the winning technique to you by means of the game Kovalev-Kramnik.
Ten opening articles with new ideas for your repertoire!

  • Stohl: Trompowsky Attack (Openings in focus) - the Polish classic Duda-Wojtaszek (Dortmund 2018) is naturally also a subject for Igor Stohlco ntents of the DVD
  • Schandorff: English 3.e3 – part 2
  • Kuzmin: English Zaitsev Gambit
  • Quintiliano: Sicilian Anti Najdorf - Carlsen’s convincing win over Wojtaszek with 5.Qd2 inspired Renato Quintiliano to provide a deep analysis
  • Postny: Four Knights Game 4.Bb5 Bc5
  • Szabo: Ruy Lopez Steinitz 6.h3 h5
  • Hungaski: QGA 3.e4 Nc6 4.Nf3 Bg4
  • Krasenkow: Grünfeld Defence 7.Qa4+ According to Michal Krasenkow Black can comfortably equalise against 7.Qa4+, but Alexander Moiseenko has a great score with White
  • Papp: Grünfeld Defence Exchange Variation
  • Marin: Queen's Indian 4.e3

Test your chess with Simon Williams, Karsten Müller, Mihail Marin, Oliver Reeh, and Rainer Knaak

  • Simon Williams is enthusiastic about the subject he has selected for Move by Move – “a brilliant game by a young Russian grandmaster... attack, attack, attack”. The winner of the game is Paravyan, 20 years old and already has a rating of over 2600.
  • For his article Mihail Marin once again makes use above all of classical games and dots them with numerous training questions as well as providing a detailed video introduction.
  • Mate or loss of the queen” - Oliver Reeh‘s article consists of 29 games with numerous training questions and an introductory text with links to all the games.
  • “Recent rook endings” - Karsten Müller’s column contains two introductory texts, 19 annotated endgames, many training questions and five classical videos.
  • In Rainer Knaak’s database eight recent traps are put under the microscope, among them Nakamura’s trick against the King’s Indian.


ChessBase Magazine 186 (+DVD)

Uitgever / Publisher: Chessbase
Jaar / Year: 2018
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