When learning a new opening, the very last thing that an improver or busy person needs is to be confronted with a lot of information. It’s confusing You don’t need books hundreds of pages thick. You don’t need large databases with thousands of games. You don’t need analysis engines. Basically ,the only thing you need at the beginning is good advice and this is exactly what this new Foxy Openings Series will provide. In slightly over 1 hour, International Master and FIDE Senior Trainer Andrew Martin will get you up and running with the Najdorf Sicilian. You will be ready to play this opening in your games .

You will learn the key, easy to understand formation that Black can rely upon against each of White's attacking systems and you will learn the main themes that underpin the opening. You will also see games from some of the strongest modern players. Enjoy this introduction to one of the most interesting Black systems.

Video running time: 64 min 


Foxy Openings, #188, Learn The Sicilian Najdorf in 1 Hour

Presentator / Presenter: Andrew Martin
Uitgever / Publisher: ChessonDVD
Jaar / Year: 2018
Type: DVD