Tactics, including the calculation of variations, is the most important part of chess. Knowledge of openings, middlegames, endgames, strategy, technique, realization of the advantage and similar is also extremely important. But all this knowledge doesn’t help us if we don’t calculate properly. There are many great books on tactics, wherein the authors have assembled different tactical motifs and elements. Th is area of chess is more or less very well covered in literature. Th is begs the question, why then have we decided to write and publish our book?

Firstly, during all these years that we have been working as chess coaches, we have collected a huge amount of instructive material, and it made sense to us to share it with our readers as well.
Secondly, you can never have enough tactics. Every chess player must solve as many puzzles as possible in order to grow stronger.
Lastly, we have been friends for many years and work well together, and we simply decided to show this through our books.
Our plan was rather ambitious — to publish a series of three books. The books are designed for different levels.
The second book in the series is divided into three parts:
  1. A  theoretical part where you will get to know the basics about tactical elements according to Smyslov (check, pin, double attack, unprotected piece). Mating attacks (typical motifs and mating construction), queen sacrifice and defensive tactics.
  2. Exercises and solutions for level 3.
  3. Exercises and solutions for level 4.
We prepared clear and, we hope, nice examples, plus a lot of exercises for levels up to 2100.
Study, enjoy and use tactics as much as possible in your games! Combinations really are brilliant moments in a chess game.
Adrian Mikhalchishin
Tadej Sakelšek


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Power of Tactics Volume 2: Become a Tactical Wizard

Auteur / Author: Adrian Mikhalchishin/Tadej Sakelšek
Pagina's / Pages: 304
Uitgever / Publisher: Chess Evolution
Jaar / Year: 2019
Type: Paperback