Greatest 460 Puzzles - Part 1

Greatest 468 Puzzles - Part 2

All the puzzles have been selected from recent games, trying to put the reader in the shoes of “the player”. The difficulty of the different sections might also give you a right evaluation of your current tactical skills and bring them further ahead.

I tried to mix three things in my book:

  • 1. a lot of fun in solving the puzzles,
  • 2. a lot of different tactical ideas,
  • 3. and of course, the direct practical use for your future games.

A very important factor to keep in mind — all the practical motifs from the book can definitely be used in your future games!


Greatest Puzzles 2019

Auteur / Author: Csaba Balogh
Pagina's / Pages: 432
Uitgever / Publisher: Chess Evolution
Jaar / Year: 2019 + 2020
Type: 2x Paperback