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On the Origin of Good Moves
"A Skeptic's Guide to Getting Better at Chess"

This thought-provoking book is full of beautiful and instructive ‘new’ material from the old days. With plenty of exercises, the reader is invited to put themselves in the shoes of the old masters. Never before has the study of the history of chess been so entertaining and rewarding.

Move First Think Later
"Sense and Nonsense in Improving Your Chess"

Move First, Think Later shows a healthy distrust of accepted methods to get better at chess. It teaches that winning games does not depend on ticking off a to-do list when looking at a position on the board. It presents club and internet chess players with loads of much-needed no-nonsense training material.

On the Origin of Good Moves / Move First Think Later

Auteur / Author: Willy Hendriks
Pagina's / Pages: 672
Uitgever / Publisher: New in Chess
Jaar / Year: 2012/2020
Type: Paperback