The new series created for players rated 1300-1700

Chess tactics is an essential key to chess improvement. Why is that so? Because most games between players below master level are decided by tactics of some sort. Therefore, it is a muscle that you need to keep training, to help you be prepared for when the chances emerge in your own games and to help you avoid making tactical mistakes. 

In this new book, you will be tested with 808 puzzles of varying levels of difficulty, from games played between masters in 2019. The games are not categorized according to theme or difficulty, so the student will have to use his or her best ability to figure out the best way forward. 

Chess Tactics for Improvers - Volume 1

Auteur / Author: Carsten Hansen
Pagina's / Pages: 328
Uitgever / Publisher: CarstenChess
Jaar / Year: 2020
Type: Paperback