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Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 1

In the first book of the series we are dealing on how to face the ‘Gruenfeld Defence’, a modern system that is quite popular nowadays. The proposed system is based on the Bg5 variation (Stockholm Variation), a system that served me well for approximately 30 years, scoring a good 70% in a quite high number of games. Well, this doesn’t sound logical, as the generally scoring of theaa variation is on 52.8%, a bit better than the average expected of 51.5% to 52%, which is the natural average number of white ‘superiority’.  

Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 2

In the second book of the series we will deal with how to face the ‘King’s Indian Defence’, a long-standing system that is/was always popular. he proposed system is based on the Be2/Bg5 variation (Averbakh System), a system that has served me well for approximately 20 years, scoring a good 60% over a high number of games.

Grivas Opening Laboratory - 1 + 2

Auteur / Author: Efstratios Grivas
Pagina's / Pages: 568
Uitgever / Publisher: Chess Evolution
Jaar / Year: 2020
Type: 2x Paperback
Dutch English
Drie Paarden
Drie Paarden
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