"Schultz Memorial"

This tournament has never been published before – it is NOT the 4-player tournament (Spielmann, Bogoljubow, Rubinstein and Reti) played in December 1919.

Bogoljubow won ahead of Spielmann, Reti, Nyholm, A.Olson, Jacobson and Löwenborg (who did not finish the event). Rubinstein intended to play but did not arrive in time. Almost all the 50 games, many with notes by Bogoljubow, Spielmann and particularly by Reti. Photos and articles on all the players, plus Schultz and Ludwig Collijn, pre-round summaries, 4 score sheets in the hand writing of Bogoljubow, Spielmann, Reti and Nyholm, 3 drawings; 2 additional games.

Stockholm November 1919

Auteur / Author: Peter Holmgren
Pagina's / Pages: 52
Uitgever / Publisher: The Chess Player
Jaar / Year: 2017
Type: Geseald