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TCA - Volume 1 - First Steps in Tactics

This book is written for chess friends who are beginners or hobby players without much experience and who want to improve to lower club level. If you are already somewhat stronger you may not like the idea of learning from scratch. But sometimes going a step back in order to take two steps forwards is a good idea.

TCA - Volume 2 - From Tactics to Strategy - Winning Knowledge

This is the second book of the Thinkers’ Chess Academy series. In the first book we started at a beginner’s level with checkmates in 1, 2 or 3 moves and the most common tactical motifs. If you have already worked with the first book you will now be much more experienced and ready for some more difficult lessons.

TCA - Volume 1 + 2

Auteur / Author: Thomas Luther
Pagina's / Pages: 636
Uitgever / Publisher: Thinkers Publishing
Jaar / Year: 2020
Type: Paperback