"What You Can Learn from Tigran Petrosian’s Extraordinary Defensive Skills"

Contrary to what many think, Petrosian was a highly dynamic defender! In the rare case that someone managed to bring him into difficulties, they ran a serious risk of having to face a vicious counterattack. They discovered the other Petrosian: fearless and creative.

Former Russian Champion Alexey Bezgodov explains to a wide range of players what they can learn from ‘the Tiger’: how to deal with pressure, how to anticipate threats or march your king out of danger even if it feels you are entering a minefield. That you should not hesitate to give up an exchange or spoil your own pawn structure if the position calls for it. How to find unlikely decoys and start a counterattack. An eye-opening and very instructive book.

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Defend like Petrosian

Auteur / Author: Alexey Bezgodov
Pagina's / Pages: 272
Uitgever / Publisher: New in Chess
Jaar / Year: 2020
Type: Paperback