"Non-technical chess book - Learn how to turn your life activities into lifelong skills!"

There are numerous similarities between playing a game of chess and living in the game of life. 

"Jana Krivec's book describes how psychological aspects that occur during chess playing or any other activity can be used to improve everyday life. 
Garry Kasparov writes, that self-awareness is essential to combine your knowledge, experience and talent and thus enable you to reach your peak performance (Kasparov, How Life Imitates Chess, 2007). 
He says that very few people ever take the opportunity to do this kind of analysis. 

This book is partly designed as an autobiographical experience focusing on the processes that arise in the life of a chess player that have be translated into everyday life. In part, the book incorporates psychological theories that explain these processes, but overall, it can be seen as a guide on how to use any activity to learn skills that will enrich your life."

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Improve your life by playing a Game

Auteur / Author: Jana Krivec
Pagina's / Pages: 198
Uitgever / Publisher: Thinkers Publishing
Jaar / Year: 2020
Type: Paperback