New In Chess Yearbook, which appears four times a year, contains the latest news in chess openings. Each issue brings you dozens of new ideas on the cutting edge of modern chess opening theory. Have a look at what this issue has to offer.

French guru Viktor Moskalenko shows two recent OTB games in the Forum Section, in which he was successful with some great ideas he presented in his latest book The Fully-Fledged French. One is a piece sac that gained him a 13-move win with black! Bogdan Lalic takes a look at another surprising black piece sac, in the King’s Indian this time. The Forum also contains some novelties from the World Cup, presented by Luis Rodi, Peter Boel and Frank Erwich.

From Sadler’s Engine Room
Matthew Sadler is our new columnist! He will alternate with Erwin l’Ami’s ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ column. The English grandmaster is well-known for the best-seller Game Changer he wrote with Natasha Regan, about computer chess. His new column will be on opening treatment by the top engines, and in his first instalment Matthew shows that these beasts are not at all averse to some offbeat opening play!

Four books are reviewed this time – all of them with a quite original angle. The Modernized Italian Game for White by Alexander Kalinin & Nikolai Kalinichenko is more about understanding than learning lines by heart, and we know that it’s the same with Viktor Moskalenko’s books. With The Fully-Fledged French, the Ukrainian grandmaster has produced a new shoot on his favourite French opening, with a lot of brand new ideas. The didactic approach of Thomas Willemze in The Scandinavian for Club Players is really something else, and of course we couldn’t ignore the Iron English by the creative English duo Simon Williams & Richard Palliser.

1.e4 openings
Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.Bg5 Nbd7 7.f4 - Van der Wiel
Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.b3 - Bosch
Sicilian Defence - Rauzer Variation 6.Bg5 - Ntirlis
Sicilian Defence - Four Knights Variation 6.a3 - Olthof
Sicilian Defence - Four Knights Variation 6.Nxc6 - Gupta
Sicilian Defence - Taimanov Variation 7.g4 - Szabo
Sicilian Defence - Closed Variation 2.Nc3, 3.d4 - Ganguly
Caro-Kann Defence - Advance Variation 4.Nf3 - Rodi
Scandinavian Defence - Main Line 4.g3 - Willemze
Alekhine’s Defence - Modern Variation 4...g6 - Ilczuk & Panczyk
Ruy Lopez - Classical Defence 3...Bc5 - Caruana
Italian Game - Giuoco Piano 4.c3 - Flear
Various Openings - Double Queen’s Gambit 2...c5 - Ponomariov

1.d4 openings
Queen’s Gambit Declined - Early Divergences 4.Nf3 h6 - Ikonnikov
Slav Defence - Moscow Variation 6.Bh4 dxc4 - Timman
Queen’s Gambit Accepted - Central Variation 3.e4 b5 - Ris
Queen’s Gambit Accepted - Classical Variation 7.Nc3 - Adams
Catalan Opening - Bogo-Indian Variation ...Bb4+ - Doknjas
Nimzo-Indian Defence - Classical Variation 4...b6 - Flear
Nimzo-Indian Defence - 4.Nf3-Variation 4...0-0 - Vilela
King’s Indian Defence - Classical Main Line 9.Ne1 - Sokolov
Queen’s Pawn Openings - London System 3.Bf4 Bf5 - Kuljasevic

English Opening - Reversed Sicilian: Other Lines 2.b3 - Fogarasi
Réti Opening - 2...e6 and 4...Be7 - Jones
Réti Opening - 2...e6 and 4...dxc4 - Cummings


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New in Chess Yearbook 140 (Hardcover)

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